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The Magic of Thanksgiving

I had Thanksgiving with a gentleman who is very sick. The constant worrying associated with a terminal illness has it's consequences on ones mind, depression usually can usually kill you before the illness. This gentleman is so afraid of death that he cries out loud... He is constantly covered in urine, having to change clothes a few times a day. but his spirits are high. He had no-one to take care of him till I came along and I promised to help him through to the end of his life...It's pretty amazing to see someone so happy as him and even more... having Thanksgiving with someone

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Candidate for Delaware Governor 2008....I feel the leaders of Delaware and the nation look at politics as a dream to fullfil in their lifetimes. I view politics as a tool, A recource for the state and the country. I strongly disagree with politicians polarizing themselves in the news when in all accuality all they are is charactors in a movie or a face in the news. My popularity came form achieving goals as a citizen not as a politician I didn't use politics as as way to polerize myself .Our goals are the same the way of achieving that goal is different. To rely on past history is wrong for the State of Delaware wrong for the United States. Our methods for fighting crime and the wars around the world have the same effect on the public at large. The average citizen feels threatened everyday....The objective is to win an election, when you compare the number of voters to the general population you find a large difference. Sort of like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I believe this same history applys to their on the job experience the only have this small number of voters accually paying attention to them.. Politics and elections shouldn't be abused this is a recource for America


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